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Our clients range from end-user/tenants and family home residents to corporate companies... and everything in between. This is where our expertise comes into play. We can evaluate the current state of an existing structure to make the owner aware of potential deficiencies that could increase development costs. We can prepare a conceptual budget to reposition a building or a complete new site development; enabling our clients to make informed decisions. We partner with architectural and structural teams to develop a schematic design plan and work on budgets, schedules and logistical plans to avoid potential roadblocks for our clients. Often times we take these projects on a design-build basis for the owners. In other cases, clients pass on opportunities because we have uncovered obstacles that will make the project economically unfeasible. The pre-purchase building and on-site evaluation process is a collaborative effort between all parties to develop conceptual budgets and reduce risk; including the owner, architect, design-build consultants and structural engineers. Our goal is to eliminate surprises during construction and build the project as cost effectively as possible.

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