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The Heart of the Home

We truly believe the kitchen is the Heart of the's where delicious meals are prepared for family and friends to share, a comforting place to talk over coffee, where kids can do their homework, where we bake pies and desserts and sweet treats, make cocktails and drink wine, where we begin our day and end our day. We think the kitchen is the most familiar room in the home where people feel a certain level of comfort, whether it's in their own home or someone else's. It's funny how everyone ends up crammed into the kitchen at a matter how much space there is elsewhere in the house, guests would rather mingle and chat right in the heart of the home. Because kitchens are the gathering place for family and friends they can be the design focal point of our homes. Kitchens today are open, airy and well lighted spaces that draw people and combine functionality, hospitality & beauty. No longer is it just a place to prepare meals, but has evolved into a place to gather, socialize and work. Designing a kitchen takes attention to detail and a commitment to the vision. Space planning, cabinet and counter top specifications, flooring, lighting and appliances are a few of the many details that go into making a beautiful and functional space. Having clients all over the Bay Area, we have executed the most delicate designs delivering the best combination of style and taste. Below will see just some of the kitchen projects we have done.

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